Infinite Scroll | Dynamic Gift

Infinite Scroll | Dynamic Gift


Extension name

Case description and configurations

We looked for an extension to improve our Magento's default pagination features, as well as customers' experience while browsing for products within the category pagesFor this we have chosen the Infinite Scroll for Magento 2 extension and our main goal was to automatically load the product catalog without reloading the page. In our Configuration, we've selected the Automatic — on page scroll option of Infinite Scroll to activate the autoloading of the previous and next pages.

Additionally, we also required customization of the module while browsing promotional products on our website, since we have encountered an incompatibility issue between the module and our theme. Loading of previous pages did not work while browsing, but, fortunately, a customization patch provided has fixed the issue and now everything is working smoothly. 

General feedback and examples of the result

The extension does what we were looking for, and it's very simple to use.  A patch provided by Amasty's support team helped make the module even more user-friendly and tailored for our needs. It's a simple extension but serves our purpose, much more so now that Amasty created a custom patch for our specific use case! We use this extension to improve on Magento's default pagination features and provide users a better overall browsing experience as a result.

This Infinite Scroll use case is written based on the information provided by our customer from Dynamic Gift Canada.