Improved Layered Navigation for Bep's

Improved Layered Navigation for Bep's

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Case Description
We wanted to extend the functionality of default Magento layered navigation and make it more convenient for users to navigate the catalog.

Improved Layered Navigation is a complex module, we configured all its aspects as per the instructions and our requirements. But here are some of the settings we use: price ranges, multi-select filters, brand filter, SEO-friendly URLs for some attributes, etc.
Also, our website features products from many brands, so we also use Shop by Brand that was included in the ILN package. We enabled the All-Brands page and added brand labels to product pages (examples below). 

Influence on the website
We've just installed the module and haven't set up it on the site completely yet, but now we have more opportunities to improve our navigation, and, moreover, customers can see all products from their favorite brand just with a few clicks.

Examples of the results
The layered navigation can be reviewed on any category page on our website. A screenshot of an example page with the price ranges and multiple choice filters is below: 

The link to the configured All-Brands page. Customers can also see the brand label on the product pages right under the title and find other products from this brand after clicking on the label:

This Improved Layered Navigation case is written based on the information provided by our client from the Bep's motorcycle and car equipment store.