Google feed sales price

Google feed sales price

I have tried to get the sales price correct in my feeds to get a flag on the products but it is not working
I asked Google (they are easier to get hold of than Amasty) and they said I had no sales price coming through.

When I look at the Merchant product feed it is clearly both dates and all added there but the price that is shown is not sales priuce but the main price of the product that is reduced.

Showing it below -settings:

<g:sale_price>{attribute="product|special_price" format="price" parent="no" optional="no" modify=""}</g:sale_price>
<g:sale_price_effective_date>{attribute="other|sale_price_effective_date" format="as_is" parent="no" optional="yes" modify=""}</g:sale_price_effective_date>

This is from the merchant list of products:

As can be seen there are no flags and the original price is 20% lower (I know they are awaiting approval, but this is after an update I made today).
So the Retail price is no wall of a sudden lower than the other products.

I spoke with Google MErchant department.
They say despite I have set the Amasty module right it is not delivering the sales_price despite I have set it to be a lower price during the dates you can see in the table.

What is wrong?

Why is not Amasty delivering the correct price in the variable to Google?