Free items not working since upgrade to magento 2.4.6

Free items not working since upgrade to magento 2.4.6

We've recently upgraded from magento 2.3 to 2.4.6 and have the latest promo modules installed, all of the same rules exist as they did in 2.3 but somehow the free product ones are not working.

We have a custom module to add the free items to the basket, allowing the custom to select what they want, and this worked fine in 2.3, all the module does is take an ajax request and use the amasty promo cart helper to add the item to the basket with the correct rule id.

The rule is setup with conditions that if the cart contains a specific product they can then add the 2 free items, while this was fine before now it adds the items to the cart as their full price instead of 0 and then the discount area gets all messed up as though it's applying rules that don't even apply to the current basket state.

Literally nothing has changed for the rules setup which work on 2.3

The skus are added as per the following screenshot:

In the next screenshot you can see they are not being added as free gifts anymore, on magento 2.4