Export Orders | Berkey

Export Orders | Berkey

Shop name

Berkey water purifiers and filters store

Extension name

Case description and configurations

Our marketing department needs specific profit figures per order, webshop and product in our Magento 2 shop. Our wishes are very specific, which is why we have opted for Amasty module to export orders to Google Sheets. In Google Sheets, we run a Google Script that makes the calculations based on this export. All variable costs such as shipping, marketing, and transaction costs are included per order in this calculation. Now we can see the exact margin per order on a daily basis.

General feedback and result

Great extension. Works very well. We can quickly spot where we leak money. Without Amasty Export Orders, we couldn't see our exact margin per order.

This Export Orders use case was written based on the information provided by our client from Berkey.