Amasty Resolution Center

August results

      The last month of summer is over, so we're giving you a recap of key updates the Amasty team has provided in August. 

      Extension Updates. Apart from slight changes related to fixes and improvements, we added new features to some modules:
      - An option to specify products and categories the reward points can be applied to;
      An option to specify products and categories customers can earn the reward points for;
      The block with the earned, applied and refunded points is added to the order information;
      “Refund to Reward Points” and “Deduct Reward Points from Customer” can be made read-only;
      The right amount of points is automatically suggested during partial refunds.
      - Custom affiliate codes in referral links;
      - An option to specify products and categories that can participate in the affiliate program;
      - An option to limit the number of affiliate transactions per program;
      - Subtracted commission on the affiliate transaction grid.
      - New entities for importing and exporting Cart Price Rules and Catalog Price Rules;
      - An option to import and export EAV attributes;
      - Modifiers for fields in the import functionality.
      - Reports duplicate feature;
      - Export reports in a CSV file;
      - Reports sidebar menu on the report view page;
      - New Product Stock entity for reports.

      Extension Tariffs. We updated the tariff plan of the Google Page Speed Optimizer module: now its Pro and Premium plans include the AMP functionality. 

      PWA Updates. As PWA Studio released the new 11.0.0 version, we’re on the way to enhance the compatibility for all our PWA add-ons. In August, PWA Studio 11 support for PWA for Product Labels was added.

      aStore Products. We presented new partner products on our website, which are available for pre-order now. Don’t miss the chance to purchase them at a discounted price:

      Magento-related Updates. On August 10, Magento released the 2.4.3 version, and here are our extensions that have been already tested with it: 
  1. Google Page Speed Optimizer
  2. Product Feed/Facebook Feed
  3. GDPR & Cookie Consent (GDPR)
  4. Gift Card
  5. Full Page Cache Warmer
  6. Extended Product Grid with Editor
  7. Admin Actions Log
  8. Abandoned Cart Email
  9. Product Attachments
  10. Mass Product Actions
  11. FAQ and Product Questions
  12. GeoIP Redirect
  13. SMTP Email Settings
  14. RMA
  15. Advanced Permissions
  16. Customer Group Catalog
  17. Mass Order Actions
  18. Follow Up Email
  19. Extended Order Grid
  20. Login as Customer
  21. Import and Export
  22. Custom Order Number
  23. Dropshipping 
  24. Elastic Search
  25. Advanced Search 
  26. Custom Form 
  27. Automatic Related Products 
  28. Advanced Product Reviews 
  29. Custom Stock Status
  30. Blog Pro 
  31. Advanced Reports 
  32. Social Login 
  33. Pre Order 
  34. Mega Menu
  35. Out of Stock Notification 
  36. AJAX Shopping Cart
  37. SEO Toolkit 
  38. Visual Merchandiser
  39. Improved Layered Navigation (Pro, Premium)
  40. Improved Sorting
  41. Product Labels
  42. B2B Suite (Lite, Pro, Premium)
  43. Request a Quote
  44. Color Swatches Pro
  45. Promo Banners
  46. PDF Customizer
  47. Store Pickup with Locator + (MSI)
  48. Store Locator
  49. Stripe
  50. Special Promotions
  51. Special Promotions Pro
  52. Shipping Table Rates
  53. Extra Fee
  54. Shipping Restrictions
  55. Payment Restrictions
  56. Shipping Rules
  57. Customer Attributes
  58. Multiple Coupons
  59. Affiliate
  60. Subscriptions and Recurring Payments 
  61. One Step Checkout Lite
  62. Reward Points
  63. Order Attributes
  64. Delivery Date Manager
  65. Store Credit and Refund 
  66. Free Gift 
  67. Custom Promo Conditions