Amasty Resolution Center

April Results

      Another sprint is finished and it means that another portion of updates is ready. Within the past two weeks, we’ve worked on a bunch of our products, released new features and new products. A detailed list with descriptions and links below.
1. Elastic Search: v1.13.0 - application relevance rules to search popup, preview for relevance rules.
2. Automatic Related Products: v2.11.0 - application of bundle discounts, analytics on bundle sales.
3. SEO Toolkit: v1.20.0 - updated markup.
4. Google Rich Snippets: v1.5.0 - updated markup.
5. Banner Slider: v1.2.0 - built-in lazy load functionality, resize of images based on device type, fix of display of GIFs.
6. Product Labels:v2.1.0 - the ability to modify tooltip texts with HTML, performance enhancement, compatibility with Magento recently viewed widget.
7. Cookie Consent: v2.6.0 - blocking of third-party cookies, display of cookie banner after cookie info updates, removal of cookie wall, fix of VPN and GDPR cookie issue.
8. Multiple Coupons: v.2.0.3 - the compatibility of Multiple Coupons and Free Gift (v2.10.3).
9. Release of a new product: Import&Export.
10. Release of a new product: Grouped Options.
11. Release of a new product: Order Management Suite.
12. Gift Cardv2.5.0 - added generation of gift card accounts in bulk, options to signify expiry date and balance on the gift card image, upgraded input for gift card codes on the checkout, compatibility with Import Orders.
13. Jet Theme:  v1.9.0 - layout switcher, tooltips for color scheme settings, extra color presets.
14. FAQ and Product questionsv2.9.0 - a new type of questions rating.
15. RMA: v2.4.0 - possibility for a customer to request returns from orders grid.
16. Advanced Permissionsv1.4.23 - improved compatibility with Amasty Custom Form.
17. Full Page Cache Warmerv2.3.4 - improved compatibility with Persistent Shopping Cart, improvements of the debug mode.
18. Blog Prov2.8.0 - the ability to place any type of Magento widgets on blog pages.