Amasty Resolution Center

Announcing Amasty Community

      Hello everyone!

      Amasty Team is glad to announce a community - a place where you can ask your questions to our team and other Amasty users.

      In e-commerce all enterprises have something in common - we strive to deliver the best experience possible to our customers. That’s why we are opening Amasty Community - inside the community, we encourage you to share your experience, ask questions, promote ideas, and receive news on the most recent Amasty updates.

      Navigation and structure:

      Community has several forums (the number of forums is to be updated in future) that are distinguished by thematics. On the next level, forums contain topics, or posts - either from community visitors or by Amasty team. 

      On the main Community page, you can see the most recent posts from all forums. The posts can be filtered in the top navigation menu by type: discussion, announcement, question, idea, problem, and unreplied. 

      Next to the navigation bar, you see a button to add a topic - click on it whenever you’re ready to share something with us. Please note that you’d need to register or sign in to your account to write a post.

In the right sidebar,  there is some general info on the community and right below there is a list of forums. By clicking on the forum name, you will see all the posts associated with it.

      Below the forums, there is a block with announcements. This is where the latest news from Amasty team can be found.

      How it works:

      You can interact with any post in the community - vote, like, support, comment and follow. Your opinion is significant: our support team will track the posts and depending on their type and content, promote them to the product development team, developers, provide relevant answers and updates. 

      We greet you in the Community and hope for productive cooperation!