combining rules with amasty special promotions issue

combining rules with amasty special promotions issue

I have have 2 cart rules:
 #1 Coupon Code driven magento's generic 10% off rule with no conditions or exceptions that applies to all products
 #2 No Coupon Amasty's "Percent Discount: each 2-d, 4-th, 6-th with 15% Off" that gives 100% off  every 6th product (buy 6 for the price of 5). This rule only applies to certain SKUs using "Apply the rule only to cart items matching the following conditions" section.
Both rules work as they should separately but there is an issue when 2 should apply. 

Let's say someone is buying a pair of shoes(rule #1) and 6 socks(rule #2). They should be able to apply 10% off coupon code against shoes and also get the 6 for 5 deal on socks (rule #2) but I am not able to implement it. 

1. If I don't use "Discard subsequent rules" with rule priorities set, both rules will work BUT the customer will get double discount applied to socks, 10% off (rule #1) on top of 6 for 5 deal(rule  #2) which I want to avoid.
2. If do I use "Discard subsequent rules" with rule priorities set on rule #2 (6 for 5 deal), rule #1 (10% off everything) is suppressed and customer can't get 10% off shoes. 
3. The same applies the other way round when I use "Discard subsequent rules" on rule #1 (10% off all) only this time the customer is only able to apply rule #1 with rule #2 being suppresed.

I know that i could exclude the SKUs that fall under rule#2 from rule#1 but I can't do that since it would stop customers applying the 10% coupon code if they choose to buy less than what rule #2 requires to get a free pair (buy 6 pairs for the price of 5)
Is there a way to have both rules working together?