Results | Already Done in Q4'23

Results | Already Done in Q4'23

Product updates

NEW now it is possible to customize Abandoned Cart coupons' names;
⇾ we added the possibility to set up Abandoned Cart coupons' expiry date format.

⇾ we added new Shipping Rules condition based on Subtotal, which includes taxes;
⇾ we improved the module performance by optimizing and speeding up the loading of shipping rules.

⇾ NEW now it is possible to edit Attribute Set column from the Products grid;
⇾ we improved the Category filter by adding a search field to it;
⇾ we added the possibility to crop decimal digits in the Products grid;
⇾ now it is possible to filter products by Quantity per Source and Salable Quantity.

NEW we added the possibility to output Free Gifts via Banner for Pro module version;
⇾ we significantly optimized Free Gift popup loading speed.

⇾ NEW we added AVIF image optimization support which is provided as a part of smart optimization for the Pro and Premium versions. Compatible with PHP version 8.1 and higher.

⇾ we added the ability to select brands to display in the Brand Slider widget (Note: the functionality is available as a part of an active product subscription or support subscription);
⇾ we improved the Brand Management settings handling by store views;
⇾ we added a brands page to the breadcrumbs;
⇾ we improved interaction with the brand search box according to WCAG.

⇾ we added Enable Server Timezone setting which allows using the store timezone instead of a customer’s timezone to calculate the delivery dates;
⇾ we eliminated the dependency on the Magento Inventory modules.

 we enhanced the compatibility with LiteMage cache;
 we added indexes to the Date column in the amasty_fpc_flushes_log and amasty_fpc_reports tables;
 we implemented Add Product Category Pages to Queue setting which allows warming category pages upon product changes.

⇾ we improved the export of reports so now the export file displays the option values instead of the option ID;
⇾ we added the possibility to configure the Schedule Report Notifications for Custom Report Builder reports in Pro and Premium versions.

⇾ NEW now the Omnibus price data is included in API products response;
⇾ we changed the logic for displaying Omnibus prices immediately after installing the extension or when creating a new product, when the products do not have data for the 'latest price'.

NEW we added new variables that allow displaying product names that triggered restrictions in the ‘Custom Restriction Message’ (Note: the functionality is available as a part of an active product subscription or support subscription);
⇾ we improved the module's performance to enhance its rules functionality when working with a large number of conditions
⇾ we added sanitization for the 'Zip/Postcode' text area field.

NEW we added new positions to display Order Attributes: Below Shipping Methods and Above Shipping Address;
 now the extension fully complies with WCAG 2.1 level AA requirements.

⇾ now the extension fully complies with WCAG.

⇾ date range is now preserved when switching between reports;
⇾ we optimized the SQL queries to improve the module performance.

New Hyva compatible extensions

⇾ Promo Banners (amasty/module-promo-banners-hyva-compatibility);
⇾ Sales Reps and Dealers (amasty/module-sales-reps-and-dealers-hyva);
⇾ Google Rich Snippets (amasty/module-seo-rich-data-hyva);
⇾ RMA (amasty/module-rma-hyva);
⇾ Cross Linking (amasty/module-cross-linking-hyva);
⇾ HTML Sitemap (amasty/module-seo-html-sitemap-hyva);
⇾ Instagram Feed (amasty/module-instagram-feed-hyva);
⇾ Omnibus Price Tracker (amasty/module-price-history-hyva);
⇾ Custom Button (amasty/module-custom-button-hyva);
⇾ Customer Group Auto Assign (amasty/module-customer-group-auto-assign-hyva).

Important fixes

Duplicate Categories
⇾ we fixed the issue with data duplicate when using default values.

⇾ we fixed Products grid data export issues;
⇾ we resolved an undefined array key 'visibility' issue.

⇾ we fixed the error occurred during Popup Data indexation process running;
⇾ we fixed an undefined array key that caused filtration issues.

⇾ we fixed the Source class does not exist error that occurred after upgrading the database;
⇾ we resolved the issue with the incorrect date selected when placing the order from the admin panel;
⇾ we fixed the issue with the previous year being unavailable in the delivery date calendar;
⇾ we adjusted the error message that shows up when the order limit is reached;
⇾ we eliminated the issue with the delivery date being available after reaching the daily limit;
⇾ we improved the compatibility with the Amasty Store Pickup with Locator extension;
⇾ we resolved the error that appeared when applying the filtering on the Shipments grid.

⇾ we fixed the problem with Gift Card product pages loading; 
⇾ we solved the problem with sending a Gift card immediately and not according to the Delivery Date specified for it;
⇾ we fixed Gift cards by price sorting issue;
⇾ we eliminated the issue with choosing a Gift Card Delivery Date when a store locale is Portugal.

⇾ we solved the problem with loading all previous pages and scrolling to the very beginning when going to category pages from the product page and scrolling up;
⇾ we fixed the compatibility with Amasty Mega Menu so now the previous pages are loaded as they should during scrolling up.