Already Done in Q4'22

Already Done in Q4'22

New Amasty services

Make sure your site is well-performing with our E-commerce QA testing service. Let our specialists check various elements of your website and get the issues fixed. The service is available for any e-commerce platform (Magento, Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, etc.)

Above that, our recently released Website SEO Health Check is available in different plans now. Click here to choose yours. 

New features and improvements

  • We improved the Amasty menu UI to display a unified view of products. Now you can see all the solutions and their submodules grouped in one place: 

  • NEW we added possibility to merge Attributes value by special modifier in Condition-Based Attributes;
  • we improved Feed generation and indexing processes and added the possibility to force Feed generation unblocking.
  • NEW now the module is read & write GraphQL compatible (the compatibility is available as part of an active product subscription or Support Subscription).
  • NEW we added the possibility to import product images by specifying links to them in the import profile;
  • NEW we added the ability to filter the data once the modifiers were applied.
  • we added compatibility with OpenSearch;
  • now our module handles multi-word synonyms search;
  • the ability to handle the direct API requests for searching was added.
  • now it is possible to add Registration link for website guests in the Highlight point messages;
  • we improved system messages to avert problems with Reward Points applying.
  • NEW we added the ability to set the maximum number of Gift Codes to be applied by customers;
  • now it is possible to download generated Gift Card images from the Gift Code Accounts grid and form;
  • we added the possibility to get Gift Card accounts by Order ID via REST API.
  • NEW the possibility to add Free Gifts when creating an order from the admin panel was added;
  • minor improvements in system messages to avert problems with extension configuration;
  • now it is possible to create Free Gift Rules via REST API;
  • now products with zero quantity are not displayed in the Free Gift popup;
  • we optimized the Free Gift selection process in the popup;
  • we added the possibility to sort Free Gifts in the popup by position in a rule.
  • now a meta title will display the question text unless it is changed by admin.
  • we added ‘Never’ option to Archive Frequency to disable automatic order archiving.
  • now the 'Action' column is draggable;
  • we added scrolling into View menu in case there are a lot of Products Grid views.
  • now the extension is compatible with Worldline payment service, so now it can be used for the subscription payments.
  • we added 'Priority' setting to the Bundle Packs so now it is possible to set the Bundle Packs order on the Product page;
  • we improved Related Products rules reindexation process;
  • now zero discount is not displayed on Bundle Pack products.
  • now it is possible to add validation to the 'Phone Number' checkout field (available in the Pro and Premium Versions of the One Step Checkout Solution)
  • now it is possible to add an aspect-ratio tag to images;
  • we optimized the Server Push setting work due to removal of the Server Push function from Chromium-based browsers;
  • minor improvements in system messages to avert problems with extension configuration.
  • new Cart Price Rule action 'Buy X get Y free (any products)' was added;
  • we replaced the 'Skip Items with Special Price' setting with 'Skip Items with' setting and expanded its functionality to allow more flexible Cart Price Rules configuration;
  • we added Shipping to Multiple Addresses support for the module actions.

PWA updates

The new PWA for Out of Stock Notification add-on is released.

Important fixes

  • we fixed the issue with the display order of Product images in the Feed;
  • we solved the Products price issue in the Feed when Catalog prices include Tax;
  • we solved the issue with the style tag in the Feed;
  • we fixed the Undefined array key error occurred while Feed generation.
  • the module translation issue was resolved;
  • the issue with the 'Reward Points Earned' email sending during the registration was resolved.
  • the issue with images swiping in the mobile version was resolved;
  • we fixed the error occurred on a product page when SKU for a simple product which is preselected in a configurable product was changed.
  • the issue with the First Available Day functionality incorrect work was fixed;
  • now the available days in the Delivery Data picker are displayed correctly for customers with different locales and time zones.
  • we eliminated the error occurred while adding products to the cart when Cart Price Rule activation is scheduled.
  • we fixed the compatibility with Amasty Google Invisible reCaptcha so now the password recovery form works as it should;
  • we corrected the Reload Captcha button functionality in the password recovery form.

Magento-related updates

The following extension were tested with the recent Magento release 2.4.5-p1:
  • Improved Layered Navigation (including Shop by Brand, Grouped Options, Custom Product Sorting for Shop b Brand, Infinite Scroll)
  • One Step Checkout
  • Special Promotions Pro (including Special Promotions)
  • Elastic Search (including Advanced Search, Shop by Brand, Improved Sorting)
  • Google Page Speed Optimizer
  • Free Gift
  • Product Feed
  • Blog Pro
  • SEO Toolkit (including Cross Linking, Google Rich Snippets, HTML Sitemap, Meta Tags Templates, Unique Product URL, XML Google Sitemap, URL Rewrites Regenerator, Alt Tag Generator)
  • Automatic Related Products
  • Product Labels
  • Custom Form
  • GDPR
  • Improved Sorting
  • Gift Card
  • Shipping Suite (including Shipping Restrictions, Shipping Rules, Shipping Table Rates)
  • Out of Stock Notifications
  • Import & Export
  • Social Login
  • Admin Actions Log
  • Advanced Reports
  • Store Locator
  • Extended Product Grid with Editor
  • Order Attributes
  • Product Attachments
  • RMA
  • Abandoned Cart Email
  • Reward Points
  • B2B E-commerce Suite (including Google Account Login, Hide Price, Request a Quote, Sales Reps and Dealers, Store Credit & Refund, Color Swatches Pro, B2B Company Account, Quick Order, Multiple Wishlist, Cancel Orders, Payment Restrictions, Customer Group Auto Assign)
  • FAQ and Product Questions