Already done in Q3'22

Already done in Q3'22

New solutions

Our new SaaS tool - Website SEO Health Check. Discover the most severe SEO mistakes which can damage your website. Available as part of Pro and Premium SEO Toolkit.

New features and improvements

  • NEW we added the possibility to import product images by specifying links to them in the import profile;
  • NEW we added the ability to filter the data once the modifiers were applied;
  • NEW we added the ability to filter the data while Exporting once the modifiers were applied.
  • NEW we developed a new setting that allows you to change a CDN URL
  • NEW now the extension works with bundle products.
  • now it is possible to add Image Alt for a product page icon image and as a swatch image for multiselect attribute;
  • we added the possibility to exclude brands without products from sitemap;
  • we improved Product Page Brand Settings so now a clickable brand title can be displayed on product pages;
  • the possibility to hide zero decimal in prices was added;
  • we enhanced the sidebar block so now it can be sticked while scrolling;
  • we added the possibility to set canonical Urls structure for Brand Pages;
  • we replaced usage jquery/ui in amasty/shopby/view/base/web/js/utils/color.js by specific UI modules;
  • we updated deprecated jQuery functions;
  • we added SEO Urls on amfinder and landing pages.
  • we added the 'With predefined product options' modifier, so you can add the child products URLs with preselected options to the feed;
  • we added the ability to set the conditions for products unloading to the feed by the 'Quantity' attribute.
  • now, when a website works with multi currencies while filtering reports by the store views, the data in the report is converted to the site base currency;
  • now, the Product Performance report displays up-to-date customer name and email data for orders placed by unregistered users;
  • we switched the module to a declarative schema.
  • we added compatibility with Hyvä Theme; the package for installing can be found in composer suggest.
  • the possibility of using a comma to separate decimals in the Store Credit amount.
  • we improved the module performance and page speed loading.
  • we added compatibility with Hyvä Theme; you can find package for installation in composer suggest;
  • we updated deprecated jQuery functions.
  • we added compatibility with Hyvä Theme.
  • we improved the module performance by optimizing the Customer Conditions operators so now the indexation process is enhanced.

Important fixes

  • we resolved the issue with error on category save with Update by Schedule index state.
  • we fixed the compatibility with Amasty Product Labels so now labels are displayed on category pages as they should;
  • the issue with displaying preselected products during filtration on category pages was resolved.
  • we optimized the Conversion Rate report download speed.
  • we solved the issue with products editing.
  • we corrected the discount amount calculation when “Get $Y for each $X spent” action is being used.
  • we corrected the issue occurring when space is used in postcodes;
  • we fixed the compatibility with Amasty Gift Card so now orders paid by gift card are placed as they should.
Extended Order Grid
  • we resolved the issue with an error occurred while reindexing.
  • we corrected bundle products' special price displaying in the feed;
  • we fixed the parent and child products relations, so now product URLs are generated as expected;
  • we solved the problem with Condition-Based Attributes output to the feed.
  • we fixed the issue with placing orders with Gift Cards and sending them by email.
  • we improved the compatibility with Amasty Gift Card, so now orders paid by gift card are placed as they should.
  • the problem with rounding weight when calculating shipping costs was solved.
  • now, using a space in postal codes won't lead to any technical glitches.
  • we added primary key into amasty_table_rate_sources;
  • the issue with disabled shipping methods on the cart was resolved.
  • we fixed the error occurred while updating to the latest version and setup:upgrade command running.
  • we fixed the issue with wrong Reward Points calculation on product pages when taxes are included;
  • we resolved the problem with Reward Points calculation when the 'Total Items Quantity' condition is being used.
  • we solved the problem with incorrect Extra Fee adding to different payment methods.
  • the issue with the Store Credits applying when the Braintree Payments is being used was resolved.

PWA updates

We introduced compatibility with PWA Studio 12.5.0 for the following add-ons: PWA for Social Login, PWA for Custom Form.
Add-ons that are compatible with PWA Studio 12.6.0: PWA for Improved Layered Navigation, PWA for Shop By Brand, PWA for Custom Stock Status

Also, we released new PWA add-ons. This time, PWA support was introduced for Color Swatches Pro and Reward Points

Magento-related updates

Check out the list of Amasty extensions that are compatible with new Magento releases - 2.4.5, 2.4.4-p1, 2.4.3-p3, 2.3.7-p41:
  • Improved Layered Navigation
  • Elastic Search + Advanced Search
  • Automatic Related Products
  • Product Labels
  • Blog Pro
  • SEO Toolkit
  • Custom Form
  • Mega Menu
  • Improved Sorting
  • Out of Stock Notification
  • Request a Quote
  • Social Login
  • Advanced Reports
  • Advanced Product Reviews
  • Advanced Search
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • One Step Checkout
  • Special Promotions Pro
  • Free Gift
  • Shipping Suite
  • Order Attributes
  • Store Pickup with Locator
  • Reward Points
  • Subscription and Recurring Payments
  • Payment Restrictions
  • Delivery Date Manager
  • Google Page Speed Optimizer
  • Product Feed
  • GDPR + Cookie Consent
  • Gift Card
  • Import and Export
  • Abandoned Cart Email
  • Product Attachments
  • RMA
  • Admin Actions Log
  • Extended Product Grid with Editor
  • FAQ and Product Questions
  • Full Page Cache Warmer
  • SMTP Email Settings
  • Follow Up Email
  • Customer Group Auto Assign
  • Mass Product Actions
  • Push Notifications
  • Customer Segmentation