Already Done in Q2'22

Already Done in Q2'22

Brand-new extensions

Google Page Speed Optimizer Powered by SpeedSize™ is a synergy of Amasty Google Page Speed Optimizer and SpeedSize, which will help you greatly increase the site performance due to code structure compression and neuroscience media optimization without visual quality loss

speed up magento 2 image load

Coming-soon extensions available for pre-order:

Image Gallery will help you enhance product presentation with lightbox carousel, zoom, and image flipper features. 
Cookie Banner for equipping your store with a cookie popup and complying with EU Legislation. 
Advanced Promotions will add 4 extra cart price rule actions to your store for more agile promotional campaigns.

New services

Amasty One is the new plan of our advanced support subscription. Take advantage of screen sharing & video calls for configuration questions & preliminary technical investigation.
PaaS - get your ready-made site on Magento and let us take care of hosting, configurations and maintenance issues. 
SAP Integration - synchronize your Magento data with the SAP Business One ERP system.

Extensions updates

  • NEW a feature of changing the blog’s fonts;
  • NEW post matching when switching between storeviews/languages;
  • NEW live search for blog;
  • NEW an option of adding the blog’s summary below the blog title on the main blog page;
  • NEW read time and post edited date on the storefront;
  • NEW Instagram, Youtube and TikTok social links in the author block;
  • we removed the Stumble Upon social sharing link as it’s defunct;
  • redesigned blog’s search results page;
  • updated blog’s designs for both PLP and PDP pages + widgets.

  • NEW the full-screen mode for the search pop-up to take full advantage of custom blocks and customers to fully focus on search results;
  • NEW an option to delay search execution to give customers the time to fully enter search query before triggering the search as well as resulting in more refined search terms reports;
  • NEW a setting to display SKU for products in the search pop-up;
  • NEW the possibility to choose between Grid and List views for product results block;
  • NEW an option to display standalone search button;
  • empty results phrase now includes search query;
  • we reworked relevance calculation for categories block in the search pop-up for better results when searching for a particular category;
  • we refactored Search Analytics graph to avoid clutter with dates values;
  • an option to expand/collapse search pop-up custom tabs on mobile.

  • the ability to edit the products quantity on different sources from the "Products" grid;
  • code was refactored according to Magento Marketplace standards.
  • the attribute with HTML type is now visible in the order documentation and emails;
  • an option to hide specific attributes from customers on the checkout page but keep them on the admin’s side if needed;
  • we extended the API to return order attributes value.
  • NEW an option to add links to labels;
  • tooltips with null values are automatically hidden;
  • width and height attributes to the labels to increase performance;
  • now labels can be displayed on cross-selling products;
  • an option that allows you to display labels on products from the “Related Products” block.

  • NEW the extension content is available in the German language. The sample files with the content of the privacy policy and cookie descriptions can be found in the user guide.
  • the ability to track the anonymization of the personal data of your site guests;
  • now, the extension fully complies with WCAG requirements.
  • we introduced settings to configure visibility for Wishlist and Compare buttons in Automatic Related Products blocks;
  • we added primary keys to extension DB tables;
  • NEW we added integration with the Amasty Improved Sorting extension. Now you can use Amasty Improved Sorting bestsellers data in related block product conditions as well as sort products using Best Seller, Most Viewed, Reviews Count and Top Rated sorting methods.
  • we implemented dynamic menu rendering so that search engine crawlers can easily process its structure;
  • we refactored frontend part of the extension code to further improve extension performance;
  • an option to choose between Bold and Regular fonts for top menu items;
  • the possibility to disable customers email notifications;
  • an option to delete quote items from the cart;
  • we improved the Approved Quote Customer Notification Email Templates with the ability to add administrator remarks to it;
  • we added Frontend Quote URL Key setting so now you can customize quote links.
  • now, data changes will not be accompanied by a page loading due to the optimized refresh page process
  • different calendar formats support.
  • compatibility with Hyvä Theme.
  • now the data about Bestsellers is added to the index tables in batches.
  • we added an option to set sorting by Order Revenue.
  • now billing or shipping address changes show in Admin Actions Log and History of Changes
  • we improved the module performance by adding indexes into the `amasty_audit_log_entry` table
  • we added an automatic reindex after changing the order of products in a categories so that the data is updated faster
  • we switched the module to a declarative schema

Important fixes

  • we resolved the issue with primary key error during upgrade process.
  • compatibility with Adobe Commerce Shared Catalog.
  • we fixed the extension performance issue occurred in 1.18.0 version.
  • we corrected the two popups appearance in case of authorization on checkout (enhanced compatibility with Jet Theme).
  • the issue with Show `Universal` Products Last setting was resolved.
  • now URLs with Disabled Categories are not getting into Warmer Queue if they were excluded from warmer process.

PWA updates

New Tariff Plans

Promo Banners
Lite plan
Banner Slider
Custom Button

Banner Slider
Lite plan
Promo Banners
Custom Button

Product Attachments base
Lite plan
API for Product Attachments


A new partner product, QuickBooks Payments by Meetanshi, is released in our catalog. Provide your customers with secure and fast payment gateway. 

New ITDelight's 360 Product View is designed for presenting your products from all possible sides. 

Magento-related Updates

We tested top Amasty extensions with Magento 2.4.4, 2.4.3-p2, and 2.3.7-p3: 
  • Jet Theme
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Custom Button
  • Product Tabs
  • Thank You Page
  • Google Invisible reCaptcha
  • Google Map
  • Google Page Speed Optimizer
  • Product Feed/Facebook Feed
  • GDPR & Cookie Consent (GDPR)
  • Gift Card
  • Full Page Cache Warmer
  • Extended Product Grid with Editor
  • Admin Actions Log
  • Abandoned Cart Email
  • Product Attachments
  • Mass Product Actions
  • FAQ and Product Questions
  • SMTP Email Settings
  • RMA
  • Customer Group Catalog
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Follow Up Email
  • Extended Order Grid
  • Import and Export
  • Cron Scheduler
  • Reindex from Admin
  • Order Status
  • Elastic Search
  • Advanced Search 
  • Custom Form 
  • Automatic Related Products 
  • Advanced Product Reviews 
  • Blog Pro 
  • Advanced Reports 
  • Social Login 
  • Mega Menu
  • Out of Stock Notification 
  • AJAX Shopping Cart
  • SEO Toolkit 
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Improved Layered Navigation (Pro, Premium)
  • Improved Sorting
  • Product Labels
  • Request a Quote
  • Color Swatches Pro
  • Promo Banners
  • PDF Customizer
  • Store Pickup with Locator + (MSI)
  • Store Locator
  • App for Payments with Stripe
  • Special Promotions
  • Special Promotions Pro
  • Shipping Table Rates
  • Shipping Rules
  • Shipping Restrictions
  • Shipping & Payment by Customer Group
  • Shipping Bar
  • Shipping Cost Calculator
  • Payment Restrictions
  • Customer Attributes
  • Extra Fee
  • Multiple Coupons
  • Affiliate
  • Subscriptions and Recurring Payments 
  • One Step Checkout
  • Reward Points
  • Order Attributes
  • Delivery Date Manager
  • Store Credit and Refund 
  • Free Gift 
  • Custom Promo Conditions
  • Landing Pages
  • Quick Order
  • Custom Stock Status
  • Dropshipping
  • Sales Reps and Dealers
  • Duplicate Categories
  • Cancel Order
  • B2B Company Account
  • B2B Suite