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Affiliate Magento 2 Improvement: customer group restriction

The Idea:
Incorporate customer group restriction into the general release extension, for example, a website has a general customer group who do not see the affiliate links and menu in their customer area but if the customer is assigned to an affiliate enabled customer group, they can see it.

How it Works:
Simple configuration setting to enable or disable the affiliate system for certain customer groups. Customers who are not a member of an affiliate enabled group won't ever see it. When Customers apply and are accepted (manually through email correspondence), the admin simply goes to the customer's account and changes the customer's group to an affiliate-enabled group.

Expected Behaviour:
As above.

Examples of Implementation: 
This is practical for any business that does not want to "automate" the enrolment process into an affiliate program and would prefer to cater to professional or serious influencers with a strong presence/commitment rather than opening up to the general public which may include part-time users with no substantial marketing time or tools to push sales. This helps reduce time-wasters or confuse customers who do not understand affiliate marketing and what it involves and also personalizes the experience for good influencers and marketers to directly communicate with the business. Overall it is a win for the business as well as the dedicated marketers/influencers who are part of the program.

Business Value:
As above, it enables a business to create an affiliate information page with any terms and requirements, filter out customers who don't meet criteria, and personalize the experience of good valuable marketers/influencers getting in touch and signing up. Activating affiliate accounts is as simple as setting the customer from one customer group to another.

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